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Essay On Industrial Revolution In America

Essay about The Industrial Revolution in America

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America has been expanding and growing since its birth out of Great Britain. The Industrial Revolution has been an influence in the American life since it first began in the 1700s. Many of the effects resulting from the revolution still affect America to this day. The entrepreneurs of this time and their industry still are around, although they have molded and shaped themselves into better products their still known from the originality of it all. Although the Industrial Revolution began hundreds of years ago it has affected everything on a global scale with other nations adapting from the innovations of this era. Economically speaking its increased money for the nation tremendously although the nation in debt to other nations to this day;…show more content…

If people didn’t have farming and agricultural production they wouldn’t have all the different sorts of food products they do, nor would they be as abundant. Life would be like it was before the Industrial Revolution came about and most of us would still be growing our own food and barely scraping by in life. With all this agricultural expansion of the time population in England start expanding drastically as well. Thanks to population growth people started to worry more about new inventions and producing stuff for people to make our day to day lives easier than they could have ever before. With all the technological advancements leading up to Americas expansion and growth as a powerhouse among the larger nations it’s hard not to label this as one of the most marvelous eras in American history. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Industrial Revolution this nation wouldn’t be near as large and advanced as it is. It’d still be in a process of development and still be advancing in technology and production but at a slower rate than what it did when this nation was hit by the effects of the Industrial Revolution. With the Industrial Revolution beginning in England around 1760 it gradually came to America over the years; however the effects were never fully felt until around 1830. It really all started in 1768 when the textile Industry was secretly brought to America by a man named Samuel Slater. “Slater told no one of his plans to leave England. If word spread, he

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The Impact of the Industrial Revolution in America Essay

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There is no question that the Industrial Revolution had an enormous impact on American society between 1870 and 1940, but the question is what kind of an impact did it have during this period. The overall effect of the Industrial Revolution turned out to be a positive push towards modernization in America. As Stephen Gardiner, a British architect and writer during the 20th century, said, “The Industrial Revolution was another one of those extraordinary jumps forward in the story of civilization.” While Gardiner hit the nail on the head with his quote, the part of the story that most people tend to forget is just how quickly we Americans, made that extraordinary jump forward. There were Americans, who, at one point in their life were…show more content…

In the years following the war, once everything had settled down and the United States of America was whole again, technology really began to pick up. At the start of the 1870s, America was in the beginning stages of becoming a very technologically advanced nation. Some of the key ingredients that America already had for the future were, electricity, steal, railroads, chemistry, and the most important one of all engineers of production. These engineers were innovators and wanted to be able to mass-produce anything that they could. In order to mass-produce at a high capacity, the engineers believed that America must create parts interchangeably. This enabled manufacturers to manufacture things such as, guns, clocks, bicycles, typewriters, and even engines very quickly. Whether America knew it or not, this was the beginning to something that would forever change the way the world operated. Because many manufactured goods were now being made interchangeably, the efficiency for manufacturing consumer goods was at an all-time high. Soon, the economies of scale technique was introduced and manufacturers were now able to figure out how much it cost per product depending on the supply, demand, and actual cost of the product. It was now much easier for innovators to focus on upgrading these products, instead of having to make them one by one. Once it was easier to upgrade machines, new

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