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Working Mother Argumentative Essay Format

Working Mothers Vs Stay At Home Mothers

Having children is an important and the best part a family life. Many people agree with me that a lot of things change when they get children. In the recent past, I have spent most of my free time in blogs that talk about today’s parents. One thing that is very evident in most of such discussions are the battles of what people think about working parents and stay at home parents is far from being over. Parents from both sides have a lot to say about the other side of parents. The truth is that bearing and raising a child is not a simple walk in the park. Parents have to make hard decisions. These decisions are mostly dependent on what individuals think or value. Never the less, I will tell you one thing for free, all parents want the best for their children. They want to give them what they believe their children would copy and apply to their children. I, therefore, would be unjust if I try to make one side of parenting look better than the other. All these parents have got circumstances and challenges to overcome. Importantly is that their decisions or course of action is dependent on situations and with the child’s best interest at heart.


For low income earning parents, they would want to give a good life to their children. They thus feel and acknowledge the sense of duty. They will opt to continue with their job so as to provide best for their children. Many believe that they are choosing material things instead of their children, but to be fair they do what is best for their children. It is even worse for single parents who are not financially stable. For home staying parents, I just hope they can afford to settle all the utility bills. Jobs are very scanty nowadays. Quitting a job to be with your kid may be a good thing but you may find it hard to find the same job or any other after some time. It is all about decisions and they are hard ones to make.

Other Options

Women are the worst affected by family matters when it comes to career disruptions because of parenting. This makes them feel lesser than the other parent. Parents should consider taking shifts. This will ensure that at least one of the parents is there at any given time of the wake. The other option could be working part time. This will give the parent sometimes to be with the children.

Working Mothers

Every mom is a working mom but some work outside of the house as well. They say with great rewards comes great responsibilities, and to bring up their children in an ideal environment, mothers work to support the family with finances. The reason behind working is not merely finances there can be a number of other reasons for why women work.

A mother is the most important pillar of the house. The whole house revolves around her and everyone needs her for getting help with food, clothes, studies, finding lost stuff, managing closets and wardrobes, getting ready for work and all. She is there to make sure everyone gets his or her desired things on time. Along with all this, if a mother goes to work, then this can become very challenging. Some women do not give up work after kids because they are workaholic and cannot live without it. If they do not work, they feel that they are useless and lazy. Others may work to support the family financially and to make sure that the kids are getting an ideal environment to grow up and learn. However, this can get very hard if they have kids who are on mother feed or are too young to live on their own. It gets very hectic to look after kids and work, and even husband and house. They do not find time for themselves and are always caught up with either office work or home management. It is good to have a day off and let other people look after the house on the weekends so that they can relax.

Most of the working moms are efficient and active and stay fit in order to be able to work for their families. They feel proud and confident that they are making their existence useful and have high self-esteem because they are contributing to their family and its betterment. It might be very hard for a working mother to have healthy relationships with their children because they are out for most of the day. Despite of all the hardships they may face, working mothers ever give up their hopes and efforts. They are determined to work for a better future and their biggest motivation is their children

We should all realize the fact that whatever our mothers do, they do it for us and should cooperate with our mothers to help them with household tasks