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Essay Malaysia Fruits

04/14/2016 10:21 am ETUpdated Apr 15, 2017

14 Bizarre Fruits from Around the World

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14 Bizarre Fruits from Around the World

You can find durians everywhere in South-east Asia, namely Indonesia, Thailand, Indo-China, Burma, Philippines, and of course Malaysia, in particular Penang Island.

Durians from Penang Island have more aromatic taste. I don’t think I can do any justice to further describe it. So just leave it at that. The challenge is to taste the Penang durians and then compare them with the rest of the world. The result is beyond doubt. Apart from this fact, Penang Island have special hybrid durians with exquisite shape, smell, texture and of course, taste. The names given to these hybrids are in local Penang Hokkien dialect. This further gives credence and exclusiveness for Penang Island hybrid durians.

Below are the main hybrid durians. I can’t even claim to have the opportunity to have tasted all of them. They are of course very pricey befitting their kingly status. The names are in Penang Hokkien dialect, with English translations. Equivalent Malay names are also given to them. The alphabet "D" is of course for the word "Durian".

Please note that taste description is just of personal opinion and especially for durians, mere description cannot do any justice to the real thing. Quite honestly, I personally don't think that it is possible to effectively describe the taste of each durian variety. As the saying goes; the proof of the durian is in the eating. And my own quotation, "The taste of durians is in the tongue of the beholder!"

The description and the photos of the hybrid durians were taken from and with the kind permission of the web-master of "".


This was a very popular durian in the 70's. It has creamy yellow flesh with a pleasant taste and a subtle smell.


The flesh is quite sweet, and has some 'body' to it as the seed is small.


The flesh is creamy and has a bittersweet taste to it, with a touch of sourness.


The flesh is darker than D600, like chrome yellow. Also slightly hard. Crispy, but the smell is not very strong.

Ang Sim (Red Heart)

Flesh which is quite soft and very sweet, and dark yellow in colour. It also has a nice aroma.

Khun Poh

This durian takes the name of the late Mr Lau Khun Poh, who first budded it. Khun Poh has beautiful orangey flesh with a slightly bitter-sweet taste and a heavy aroma.

Hor Lor (Water Gourd Durian)

The flesh of the Hor Lor is very soft, dry and quite bitter. It has a sharp smell to it. It got its name from its appearance resembling a 'Hor Lor' pumpkin or water gourd.

Ang Heh (Red Prawn Durian) D175

Ang Heh has a round shape and short thorns. The thick orange reddish flesh is highly aromatic, very soft with a bitter-sweet and creamy taste.

Xiao Hung (Little Red Durian)

Xiao Hung, means 'Little Red One,'. The flesh has a bittersweet taste to it, with a touch of sourness. It has only one or two seeds per section, but the flesh is thick. (I think I have to get hold of this one, the next time I go searching for the best durians!)

Yah Kang (Centipede Durian)

The flesh is whitish, the taste is superb, milky, like very sweet, melting chocolate. The name 'yah kang' means centipede, and accounts for the number of centipedes found at the foot of the tree, hence giving it the rather unusual name.

Bak Eu (Pork Fat Durian)

Bak Eu has a slightly acidic aroma. The flesh is whitish like lard or pork fat, hence the name. The taste is quite bitter but nice.


D17 has dark creamy flesh. The taste is slightly dry but sweet.


This durian gets its unusual name because it looks like two durians joined together, one big and one small. When split open, you almost thought the two halves belong to two different durians. Coupling has whitish flesh which is slightly dry but tastes good.

Ooi Kyau (Tumeric Durian)

The name Ooi Kyau (tumeric) describes the colour of the bright yellow flesh of this durian. It is very sweet and tasty.

Cheh Poay (Green Skin Durian)

Cheh Poay is shaped like a small cantaloupe. The skin is bright green, giving it the name which means 'green skin'. Cheh Poay has creamy white flesh which is a bit dry and hard, not too sweet but tasty. (My own comment : There is another version, the "Cheh Poay 14" is a tastier fruit.)

Ang Jin (Red Yoke Durian)

As the name suggests, Ang Jin Durian has deep orange flesh, big and thick. It is very sweet and creamy.

Lin Fong Jiau

This durian is named after Lin Fong Jiau, aka Mrs Jackie Chan. It is indicative of the relationship of the celebrity couple, for Lin Fong Jiau is a bittersweet lady.

In addition to the above popular hybrids, there are others as well:

D 177

Creamy taste and of fine texture. Usually long oval shape and golden in colour with short and sharp thorns.


Medium-sized with long oval shape. Solid yellow flesh, sweet and creamy.

Ang Bak (Red Flesh) D 164

Flesh is soft and reddish. Sweet and creamy in taste.

Amy Yip

Has long thorns. Flesh is rich and sweet.

In addition there are also the D2, D24, D99, D101, D123, D145, D146, D158, D159, D169, D500, Kim Hoo (Gold Fish), Ang Hua (Red Flower), and Chap Sa (Thirteen), Chap It (Eleven), Tau kua (bean curd), Tiger Hill, Kanna (Olive), amongst many others.