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Short Essay On Advantages Of Computer


The computer is an electronic device, that receives information from the source, process the information and delivers the processed information to the destination. In today’s world, each and every mechanism involves the use of computers. Thinking an age without computers is now a hardship. Almost, in each and every department, we are using computers in one way or another. Be it medicine, teaching, defense or Finance, use of a computer is vast. With the help of computers and well developed technology, we have also automated many functionalities, that were difficult for humans.

Initially, computers were large in size and were designed to hold only the minimum amount of data, however, in today’s world, people have invented much smaller and easier to handle computers that are capable of storing large amount of information. Even though, we are using computers, vastly in many fields, there are many pros and cons, while using computers. In this essay, we are going to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of using computers

Advantages of Computer

Computers are used widely in many fields, since they can quickly process large amount of information, in a small time. They are also known to complete tasks more efficiently and there is a minimum chance for errors. It can perform complex functionality and complete them in few seconds. When some tasks are tedious for men, computers can perform them with ease. Some of the advantages of computers are as follows:

  • Data Storage: Computers are known to store a large amount of data and we can search the data without any hassle. The data can also be found in the minimum amount of time. However, when we store data in files or as hard copies, it is difficult to maintain and when we are searching for information, it takes a lot of time.
  • Data Protection: In computers we can store sensitive data like customer information, financial details can be stored securely. In addition to this, the data can be protected from loss. However, on the other hand, if data are stored manually, there is a chance of data loss and also data privacy is also questionable.
  • Documentation and Presentation: Computers are used for creating official document and creating presentations. Even though, these can be done manually, when we create Power point presentations online, we can present it neatly and in a more understandable manner. Calculations can also be done with the help of spreadsheets, since this are having inbuilt mathematical functionalities.
  • Internet and Browsing: Computers are useful for searching the information online. In today’s world, we can find each and every information, about everything online. We can also contact a service provider online and many businesses can be done online.
  • Automation: Many tasks that are difficult for humans, can be done with the help of computers and robotics. In many fields like industry, space exploration, etc. Robotics has become a boom of technology.
  • Cost Effective: Since maintaining the data are done online and there is reduced need for paperwork, which reduces cost and increases efficiency.

Disadvantages of Computer

Even though, in today’s world we will face many difficulties without the use of computer, there are also few cons of this upcoming technology, They are as follows:

  • Changing technology: Due to many upcoming technology, the technology or functionality which is considered to be new today, may soon face the threat of becoming obsolete.
  • Increased Manpower Cost: Even though, there are machines to do the jobs online, these tasks need to be monitored by manpower. And at times, the system may stop responding and may require human attention.
  • Virus and Data Loss: Computers are preferred for Data storage and protection, however, when the virus attacks the computer there is a chance of losing precious data and may not be able to retrieve those back.


Even though, there are many advantages and disadvantages of computers, we cannot deny the fact that the computer is most need technology in today’s world.

Computers are used today to store, retrieve, process, and transmit data and information of all types. Though the computer is essentially a device to store retrieve and process data, many other devices such as printers, music systems, video systems, games, communication devices, automatic data capture devices, and control devise are now used in combination with computers, that use the basic data input, output and processing capabilities of computer to produce highly innovative and systems with application in practically every aspects of human activities today.

The major advantage of using computers in this way are given below.

  • Computers makes it possible to receive, supply and process large volumes of data at very high speed.
  • Computer reduces the cost of all data related operations including, input, output, storage, processing, and transmission.
  • Computer greatly improves the speed of data input, output, processing, and transmission.
  • Computer ensures consistent and error free processing of data. However it should be noted the error free processing is subject to correct feeding of data and correct programming.
  • Digitization of all kinds of information including sounds and images, combined with massive information processing capabilities of the computer has resulted in development of application to produce physical products of very high quality at great speed and very economically. We are all aware of the improvement in audio and video systems including computer games using modern computer technology. However computers are also playing a big role in manufacturing of many other physical products. For example, a computerized insta-paint system, scans the colour of any surface and produces a paint of exactly matching colour and shade.
  • The data input, output, and processing speed of computers has enabled development of many applications requiring speedy continuous monitoring of a process or situation and responding to it very quickly in real time. For example, a small microcomputer in a car may continuously monitor the speed. load and other condition of the car and accordingly control the fuel and air mixture to maximize the fuel efficiency. In an entirely different kind of application, a computer may control the movement of a missile launched to intercept a another missile fired by the enemy.

Two major disadvantages of computers include:

  • Computer is highly dependent on the quality of input data fed to it. Though computers are very fast in tasks that are pre-programmed, it lake the ability of human brain to detect and correct errors that it is not specifically programmed to do.
  • The task of programming a computer for a computer application is very costly and time consuming. This reduces the utility of computers for applications that are non-repetitive.
  • Computer systems are rather rigid. Once a computers system is designed and programmed,making even minor corrections or improvements can be quite costly and time consuming. For this reason a great care is required in design and development of computer systems.
  • Computers require use of sophisticated equipment and support facilities. For example, a person solving a problem of maths using just a pen and paper can carry these with him or her anywhere with ease. However if the same problem is to be solved using a computer, the person will not only need access to a suitable computer, it will also be necessary to have the required software and suitable electric power to run the computer.