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Research Paper About Online Games Addiction



 As the world nowadays is developing with advanced technology, the old school thing was forgotten by the new generation. There are several improper habits and behavior with this development which the researcher finds in a study on online game towards the doer. The study is to show how even an online video game can effects someone through various aspect. Its purpose is to explore and identify online game addiction among UNISEL’s Shah  Alam Campus Students. The aspects explored are the experience and commitment to playing online video game, the gamers health issues, the inconsistent emotional reaction during playing online video games and reality versus fantasy realization that is shown due to reduction of social interaction which eventually affect the gamers relationship with others. Nevertheless, playing online video games is one of the common activities that people do for their leisure times. Online video games can be defined as the technology that allow player to play a games as a party. Most of the online video games that we have today are using internet as their platform. There are so many types of genre for online video games. For example of the genre are strategy, action, adventure, simulation, sport, and role-playing. This type of genre has different concept with one objective, to created fun towards their player regardless of their ages. In order to study this matter, the researcher had conduct two methods which are based on questionnaire and observation in terms of their demographic, experience, health, emotional reaction, surrounding relationship, and their commitment in life. The finding will help others to reduce their addiction towards the online game and become a normal person. It also can be used to find the problem occurring among online video game addiction and possibly creating a solution to overcome this phenomenon whilst discovering new outcomes.

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