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Civil engineering is a branch of engineering which entails the maintenance, construction and design of natural and physical buildings. These buildings include house, dams, canals, bridges and roads amongst others. Civil engineering has the reputation of being the second discipline of engineering in terms of age after military. Civil Engineering homework is often related to buildings and infrastructure and could be difficult sometimes.

Sub-disciplines of civil engineering

Civil engineering is subdivided into 23 sub-disciplines. The sub-disciplines of civil engineering include:

  1. Control engineer
  2. Urban or municipal engineer
  3. Forensic engineer
  4. Transportation engineer
  5. Survey
  6. Structural engineer
  7. Water resources engineer
  8. Geotechnical engineer
  9. Environmental engineer
  10. Earthquake engineer
  11. Construction engineer
  12. Coastal engineer
  13. Materials science and engineer
  1. 1.      Control engineer

Control engineering or engineering of control systems is a sub-discipline of civil engineering which applies the theory of control to systems of design with behaviors that are desired. Sensors are used to determine the performance of output of a controlled device (in most cases a vehicle). Feedbacks are gotten from the measurements and corrections made accordingly.

  1. 2.      Urban or Municipal engineer

Municipal engineering deals with infrastructure in municipals. It entails maintaining, constructing, designing and specifying street lighting, sewers, supply networks for water, sidewalks and streets. Others include civil portion (access chambers and conduits), parks, infrastructure for cycling, Public works (sand, salt, etc) and telecommunication and electrical distribution networks amongst others.

  1. 3.      Forensic engineer

Forensic engineering entails investigating components, structures, products or materials that stopped working or not working properly and can result to property damage or injury. It also covers accident process and procedures retracing. The aim of investigation in forensic engineering is to find out the reason or reasons for failure so that performance improvements can be made on the component. Forensic engineers also work hand in hand with lawyers who deal with failure of component consequences with product liability law.

  1. 4.      Transportation engineer

Transportation engineering entails the movement of goods and people safely, efficiently and comfortably. They maintain, construct, design and specify infrastructures related to transportation such as mass transit, ports, airports, rail systems, highways, canals and streets amongst other. They are also involved in management of infrastructure, system of intelligent transportation, pavement engineering, queuing theory, traffic engineering, transportation planning and transportation designs.

  1. 5.      Surveying

Surveying involves checking specific dimensions around the earth’s surface. Equipment for surveying includes theodolites and levels. They are used to measure distance of slope, vertical distances, horizontal distances and angular deviation.

Construction survey is performed generally by expert technicians. As opposed to surveyors on land, the plan resulting from construction survey is not give a status legally. Surveyors on construction engage in:

  • Checking existing situation of the site to be worked on including infrastructure, existing buildings and topography,
  • Setting-out or laying-out markers and points of reference that will serve as a guide for new structures constructions including buildings or roads,
  • Structure locations verification on ongoing construction,
  • Confirming buildings were according to specification.

Land surveying entails checking boundaries of a plot based on a map or plot and using a legal description to check parcels of land.

  1. 6.      Structural engineering

Structural engineers are involved in analysis and design structures for tunnels, towers, bridges and buildings. They also cover analysis and design structures for structures in the sea such as fields for oil and gas as well as aero structure amongst others.

  1. 7.      Water resources engineer

Water resources engineers are involved with water management. They combine management of resources, conservation, geology, meteorology, environmental science and hydrology. They are involved with managing and predicting the quantity and quality of water under and above the ground.

  1. 8.      Geotechnical engineer

Geotechnical engineer study soil and rock which support civil systems of engineering. They apply soil science, hydraulics, mechanics and materials science knowledge in designing economic and safe foundations and walls amongst others.

  1. 9.      Environmental engineer

Environmental engineers also known as sanitation engineers deal with air and water purification, thermal, biological and chemical wastes. They also engage in remediation of sites that are contaminated.

  1. 10.  Earthquake engineer

Earthquake engineers are involved in structures building and designing which have the ability to withstand exposures to earthquake that are hazardous. They check shaky grounds to see their interaction with structures on them. They also predict the possible earthquake consequences and maintain, construct and design earthquake compliant structures.

  1. 11.  Construction engineer

Construction engineers execute and plan materials transportation and development of site. They also engage in geotechnical, structural and environmental engineering.

  1. 12.  Coastal engineer

Coastal engineers are involved in coastal area management. They are also engaged in protecting against erosion and flooding.

  1. 13.  Materials science engineer

Materials science engineers study basic material properties. They are involved with concrete, steel, aluminium and polymers amongst others.

Importance of Civil Engineering

  • Civil engineering help us to have safe shelter over our heads.
  • They also help in building infrastructures which makes it easy for us to move around and aid civilization and globalization.
  • They also help to improve the standard of infrastructure to prevent breakdown which might lead to injury, dead and property destruction.

Getting Help

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