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Pacific Homeworks Bbb

(858) 874-0736

Pacific Home Works Inc

17 years in business
8050 Ronson Rd
San Diego, CA 92111

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BBB File Opened: 01/31/2001

Business Started: 06/09/2000

Business Incorporated: 06/09/2000 in CA

Type of Entity

Business Management
  • Mr. Marcus Mac, President
Licensing, Bonding or Registration
This business is in an industry that may require professional licensing, bonding or registration. BBB encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met.
  • BBB records show a license number of 784477 for this business, issued by Contractors State License Board

    Contractors State License Board
    9821 Business Park Drive, Sacramento, CA 95827
    Phone Number:  (800) 3212752
    Fax Number:   ()

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8050 Ronson Rd
San Diego, CA92111
(858) 874-0736

Ok so we finally decided we needed to get the house repainted. We finally decided on these guys since they had was seems a amazing product called "cool wall" The product itself is like fancy paint that is supposed to keep your house cooler in the summer time & keep the heat in the winter. So far so good. It's pretty pricy so it better do what they said it would. They offer a lifetime warranty with is a big deal. Never have to worry about having to pay to repaint the exterior of the house. Amazing... The workers were fast & cleaned up everything. It was done in about a week. The problem we have with them is how pushy the company is. When they came to inspect the finished job the sales guy said we will probably need a roof soon. I said " one day we will get it redone but not now & when they installed our solar panels they had to check the roof was fine to do it" well I understand the want our business but from then on they started calling my phone at least 3-4 times a day. Also my husbands phone. Until I had to tell them to stop calling. I didn't want to be mean about it but it was getting ridiculous. 3 months later they started up again. I answered & told them that we had not even started making our first payment yet so we weren't interested. They try to get you with the whole " free estimate is good for a year" well I said thanks but not right now. The sales guy on the phone basically took it as we will send someone to give you an estimate tomorrow at 5. Guy shows up the next day we tell him exactly what I told the guy & he understands. Well sales people haven't stopped calling since.

Two stars, one for the work they did which was good and how well the original person came to do the estimate to paint our house and really convinced us to use their company. Drew was great at selling the product but I don't know what happened to his "word" on things he was going to do as part of the contract. He worked with us on the monthly payment and told us that the first payment would not be sent to us until around April (5 months); we started this project in December of 2017. We got a bill in the mail the other day. During the project there was minimal communication with the company until we called the company to find out when they would be done. They started the project and didn't really do anything for about 4 days. We found out that the project manager who was assigned to our house did not work for the company anymore. Once that issue was cleared up the project went pretty fast. That was a check in the good column. The company called after the project to see if we were happy with the product and they wanted to send out a worker to check on the final project and take photographs of the house for their portfolio. Alex came to the house but did not take any photographs of the house but measured all the windows. Previously I said I would like to have the windows done but not at this time. I have other house things that are more of a priority. Alex demonstrated and showed us their windows and wrote up a quote. I told him that I could not do it financially at this time. He kept pushing to do whatever he could to get us to do it now. He said they had some special and it was the end of the year and they could do a good deal for us. The quote was more than the house project! They brought it down by almost half when I said again that I could not financially do the project at this time. Alex said the company was having a great sale because it was the end of the year. He tried to say that if we did not sign a contract today that they wouldn't be able to keep that price. He didn't even take photographs of the house, I feel like the appointment was more to get us to buy windows and not having photographs of the house. I ended up not signing anything because I told him I was uncomfortable not having time to actually think about this. Now I have been getting at least 5 calls a day from the company asking how they can make the deal financially feasible to us. They continually call from blocked numbers and don't leave a message. I don't know what they don't understand about "No" and we don't have the money. OK fine they have been calling, I got over that until a bill showed up from the finance company. What?!? I figure you can't call a credit company and tell them that I shouldn't be getting a bill yet. So I call Pacific Homeworks to speak with Drew. He was busy but we were promised a call back, no call yet. (Still no call 3 days later.) I will be trying a few more times but I'm very disappointed I can't get a hold of anyone who can help. I feel like they said whatever they had to say to get a contract signed. Why would you push someone who says they can't afford it? They make it seem so easy by having a low monthly payment but don't mention how much more money that is going to add to the total in interest. I was also told that there would be no penalty for early payoff of the bill. I'm not sure that will end of being true. The work was good and the people are very smooth talkers but when you really need answers no one is available. I will not be getting my windows done with them even if they have the best product. I got another blocked call today from the company that I answered. The lady told me the exact same thing Alex did. That they had a really good sale because it was the end of the year. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Update to my previous review. I have been unable to properly vent my dryer in over three years thanks to Pacific Homeworks. When they painted my house the painter painted over the dryer vent. The paint actually ate the plastic the vent was made of. I have an older home and they no longer make vents to fit where mine was. What is needed is for the trim piece to be removed, a larger hole cut to fit the new size dryer vents. I finally got annoyed enough I went out to remove the trim piece and was unable to. The people who did the new stucco used so much around the trim piece I am unable to remove it. My pry bar and railroad nail are stuck from my attempt to remove the trim board. Meanwhile, every few months someone comes over asking if I am ready to replace the rest of my windows. When I mention the dryer vent and now the patio roof leak he pretends he does not hear me. If they would just think about it. Maybe if they finished what they were paid for I might consider the additional windows. By ignoring me, and not completing the work paid for do they really expect me to order more work from them?? To be totally honest, the window sales people lied. That was how it started. They stated they had an overstock in the warehouse and were offering a much lower price. LIE. I ordered bronze. I received white. I sent them back. The supervisor told me all their windows were custom made. With a great discount I accepted them. Anyone know what happens when you use silicone caulk? Yep. It turns a gross yellow/snot color. That is what the inside of the six windows I had installed look like. The interior trim? Parts are coming off, leaving the grass caulk behind. The instillation of the trim could have better been done by a ten year old. This after them re-doing it. Like I said in my first review of Pacific Homes: if you like arguments, no shows, lies, shoddy workmanship, and everything else that can be done wrong these are the people you want. I just remembered. They had to come back to repaint the eaves. I asked the painter, "Did you paint that eave over there?" He nodded yes. I asked, "How did you manage to paint it with that giant cobweb still there?" He didn't answer, turned and continued painted the area he was at.

Negative stars still not an option... I sent my contract in order to schedule a repair person and it took a week for them to respond. Michelle told me she had an appointment for the same day at 3pm. I told her that wouldn't work for me, and asked for other options. She rudely responded "well you asked for soonest possible and that's soonest possible." Ok. I don't know very many working people with children at school who can make a same-day appointment at 3:00pm, and I sure couldn't. That's why I asked for more options. We decided on 2pm Friday the 2nd. My husband and I juggled child care pickup (he got off work at 3 instead of 5 so he could pick up the kids) and I left at 1:30 instead of 3:30 to drive home and meet Jose. And I waited.... and I waited... and I waited... An hour after our appointment time (3pm) I called Pacific HomeWorks and Michelle answered the phone. She then called Jose to see where he was, and called me back to tell me that his last appt. had run late so he couldn't meet with me that day after all. Say what? PACIFIC HOMEWORKS COST OUR FAMILY FOUR HOURS OF PAY and no one thought to contact me and let me know that he just wouldn't be showing up at all? When do you think he may have realized his appt. was running too late to make the next appt? Probably at least half an hour before his next appointment. I could have stayed at work, my husband could have stayed at work, and my absolute indignation over being treated like my time is worthless could have been avoided (and this follow-up negative review.) Too bad they haven't heard of those things you can carry in your pocket to communicate with people that you're running late or, not coming. What are they called again? Cellular telephone devices? We have another appointment set for today, in which they won't be repairing anything because they have to measure my windows first, because the measurements they took 11 years ago and are written on my contract are not sufficient for ordering screens (usually the screen comes in a roll, and you cut it off the roll and pop it in the screen mount, but okkkkkk) All I can say is it's a good thing it's not a broken window glass. SIX MONTHS PACIFIC HOMEWORKS. YOU HAVE TAKEN OVER SIX MONTHS TO FIX A FEW LOUSY SCREENS. HONOR YOUR AGREEMENTS. BE A GOOD COMPANY. DON'T MESS WITH PEOPLE'S PAYCHECKS. NO ONE LIKES A CROOK!!!!! Sincerely, your customer who spent $14k on windows and has a lifetime repair contract.

I am updating my review because I think it's warranted. I must say I wish I could add more than one star, but I just can't. The extra star goes to John, who has been the one exception in my experience with PHW. He has been very responsive and helpful, and if his mentality would trickle down into the rank and file and people doing the work it would do wonders for this organization. After much research and heartache, I have come to realize I got a very, very bad deal. Aside from the fact that the brand new roof leaked (not leaking now, thank you John) there are a couple other complaints I can't remove from my review. My gutter was removed during the new roof being put in, and a section wasn't put back, so water just dumps on my back porch in the rain. I've learned it's not worth the trouble trying to get someone to fix it so I'll just buy a piece and install it myself. The biggest issue is that I have a lot of bad pieces of wood around the fascia and front porch overhang, which at the time didn't really seem like an issue, but those could've been replaced at the same time they replaced my roof. Every person who has seen it and has had any experience with roofing or construction has commented on it, and I feel like an idiot for not noticing it before when they were working. Now, I'm trying to sell my house and getting eaten alive over the bad wood that I can't touch to replace because I'm afraid I'll damage the roof edges. Several have also remarked negatively that composite shingles weren't used. This place was also INCREDIBLY high priced compared to other estimates I got, the selling point for me was that I was told they use only factory trained technicians for installation and have a better warranty than their competitors. They used sub contracted workers who didn't speak a word of English, so unless the factory is in TJ I doubt that claim from the marketing department. So one star for the work, and one more star because John is awesome. The other three would've required me having had (or even STILL have if anyone sees this and decides to fix it) a less than terrible experience.

My experience with these guys was great ! We decided to give them a call when we needed help with our torch-down roof that was damaged by the wind . They kept the work clean and professional ,responded fast ,gave us a fair price and did really nice job . Call these guys immediately .Don't bother looking elsewhere.Super pleasant dealings with the office staff as well. Thank you guys for amazing job and for my new roof ! Highly recommended !

Update: Ignore the comment below by the business owner saying that they tried to contact me... like they were someone concerned about this. They didn't try to contact me. This is a stock response (as you can see) trying to make themselves look like they give a darn. I have an enclosed patio with a gate. The sign on the gate says "Private - No Solicitors. Lo and behold my doorbell rings, my dogs go crazy, and when I open the door the dog we're watching runs out through the open gate. When I pointed at the prominent sign, Eric said "oh, I didn't see it", which was total BS. He proceeded to try to sell me on service while I tried to lure the dog back into my yard. I wanted to beat him with his clipboard, but instead I stated calmly that I'll never do business with a company that blatantly ignores signs and invades privacy. He dropped his flyer on my patio, which is the same flyer I used to get the name of the company to write this review. I hate companies like this. Crappy business practices and crappy work. Look at the responses to negative reviews from "Matt E", still trying to get a phone call. This company is ridiculous.

My roof developed leaks around the skylights ,we had one company who came to us to evaluate things and they suggest us to change the entire roof ,which was only 5 years old . Well,I gave it a thought and felt like It doesn't need that much work and especially replacement of entire roof also as the roof wasn't that old. So I found Pacific Homeworks here on Yelp ,decided to try them out . This guys were great ,Sergei came in explained everything to us before the job started and great communication throughout the process .They did a quality job they also fixed extra fixes that we didn't even know we needed ,left things clean when they finished .And of course we did not change the entire Roof! Wanting to give a great rating company that helped us fix the problem with our roof in best manner !

Terrible company. They essentially try to bully and scare you into a sale. I needed a quote for exterior paint and was told they would need to remove the stucco from 45% the house. Lawrence Avila, tired to make it sound like the walls were going to collapse if I didn't act fast. They also insisted they go inside my home and speak with me and my wife. You don't need to go inside my house to give me quote for the exterior. I ended up insisting that they leave right away. They have called me five times since I kicked them out. If I see them by my home in future, I will not hesitate to call the police. They are that bad. I feel bad for the folks that get pushed into doing business with them.

I have a small almost flat roof, approximately 13 feet wide by 18 feet long which needed to be fixed. A friend of my wife recommended Pacific Homeworks so we decided to give them a try. We called them and they sent someone right away, we went over quick options and what we could afford. After we agreed on what we wanted they came out and were quick and clean and we still don't have any problems. Would definitely recommend them ! Thank you for the great service !

Update: after reading all the shenanigans that this company had used to try and sell their service, we had canceled the initial appointment. Since then, we have received about eight calls from this company. Each time we tell them we are not interested. And they continue to call. This has been a common thread in MANY reviews - and goes back several years. Mariah called today and went through the same spiel. My husband explained AGAIN and not very nicely, how we were not interested. She continued to try and sell us on her company. She made the mistake of calling with me in the car! I then laid into her telling to not call us again. What part of "No" do you people not understand? I will be following the advice of others and file a complaint with the FTC. And as for their A+ rating with the BBB, how much did they donate to get that rating? If I saw 50% positive and 50% negative reviews, then I might have given them a chance. But that is not the case here. If you read this and other reviews saying how bad they are and STILL go with them? Don't come back here and complain. You were warned.

These people, more importantly this company, are like cockroaches... You can't get rid of them! I've told them to stop calling several times, even once threatened them with a harassment law suit if they continued to call me, but they continue to call. I've since reached out the FCC and filed a formal complaint and pasted in the link to all of these yelp reviews (thank you to everyone for submitting your reviews, this will help the FCC to come to a valid conclusion that could result in heavy fines and penalties and stop the harassing phone calls for all). Once this goes through and is thoroughly investigated, this should save many people from having these seemingly endless phone calls ever again. If you have given them your phone number and you have asked them to stop calling and they don't, please submit a complaint with the FCC at the link provided below, this will only solidify that this company has bad business practices. I promise that this is a quick and easy form to fill out, probably takes less time than trying to get them off your phone or off your property! P.S. Matt E., don't waste your time replying to my post... If you haven't got that I'm not interested in your company's service offerings, your response will only further bury you as a person. ***Update*** I first want to say thank you again to all who have taken the time to provide your feedback about your negative experiences with this company. In my first review I had stated that I contacted the FCC and provided the link to these reviews which seems to have worked. This is the email, in part, that I received back from them. "... Your complaint provides the Commission with valuable information that we use to spot trends and practices that warrant investigation and enforcement action. We do not resolve individual complaints about this issue and, there will be no status information to report on your complaint. Your complaint (Ticket No. *******) was closed as of today. The information you provided us will continue to be available internally within the FCC to inform the Commission's enforcement and policy making processes. Thank you for your complaint and help in furthering the FCC's mission on behalf of consumers...."

Pacific Homeworks was in my neighborhood handing out fliers. We are looking to have our home painted so we thought we would get an estimate. We then decided to cancel the appointment. "Dan" was absolutely baffled as to why we would do that and wouldn't take no for an answer. He then started arguing with me to keep the appointment. I finally had to hang up on him. Believe the Yelp reviews, they are a scary company. I would NEVER do business with them ever.

This company calls and harasses us multiple times a day calling from a restricted number. Showing up uninvited to our home despite us telling them we do not have a need for their business. We have told them to take us off their list yet they still insist on harassing us. I would not recommend dealing with this company. They clearly do not listen and would likely not give you good quality service as they ignore simple requests to take a person off their calling list!

I received a call from Errol about making an appointment for a new patio cover. Errol was so sweet and curtious on the phone when making the appointment. There was never a mention that I needed a babysitter or that my husband had to be present at the time of the appointment to receive an estimate. Then the office manager Amanda called me back to confirm the appointment but asked if my husband was going to be present and I said "No." My husband works full time and I'm the one that makes the household decisions but she was insistent that for some reason at my young age of 40 that I needed a babysitter! After I told her that IF he had to be here in order to keep the appointment, to just forget it, she just said "Ok" and hung up! So, my complaint is the fact that I found this very discriminatory! At my age, I feel I can make my own life decisions, especially IF I want to go with them to replace my patio cover. What if I was a single woman? What if I was married to another woman? Would I be disqualified to purchase a patio cover? Really?? I just find this very rude and insulting! Considering this isn't the 1700's in America! The fact that women are able to vote and run for president during these modern times but aren't able to purchase a patio cover unless a babysitter is available to control our spending or make decisions, just makes me want to puke! Either that or she has an interest in my husband who has recently upped his celebrity status ever since he won 3rd place in the world body surfing competition! LOL! But whatever her reason for treating me like I don't have a brain of my own and need my husband to hold my hand as I make such a HUGE decision about my patio cover purchase really upsets me. If women are to be treated equal in this world, it needs to start with the acknowledgement that we can make decisions without a male influence, in fact we can run circles around most men! Our decisions count and stupid ignorant companies such as these shouldn't even be given the time of day! And with that being said, I realize I have spent way too much time expressing my anger. Bottomline: This company better not ever call my house again! :-(

I agree with most of the comments here: Salespeople are very good; however, they said they only needed an hour & they stayed 3. I have a 99-year-old mother & I couldn't feed her while they were here because they were in the way. We were both tired of their presence. We did the outside painting because it's supposed to be a good product. Some parts have started to peel off but even though they guarantee it for life, they haven't come to fix it. They only call & come over to try to bamboozle me into getting new windows. Last time they called me, the salesman just wouldn't take no for an answer. I told him yes just to get him off the phone instead of just hanging up on him. When he came, I was out, so they called me several times. I was driving & didn't have my Bluetooth with me, so I put it on & called them back. Chris answered & I told him I don't want new windows & that I'm feeling harassed by them. Instead of apologizing, he just hung up in me. They're very unprofessional & rude. I was in the process of telling him that if I ever want my windows changed I'll call them, but he never heard me. I'm glad because after he hung up on me, I'll never get my windows from them nor will I ever recommend them. Too bad for them because when they were painting my house, they got a lot of other jobs around my neighborhood.

I wish I didn't have to give them any stars... Just a word of caution: if you give this company your information for a quote and decide NOT to go with them, be prepared to be harassed. I have made it very clear I do not need their services and I continue to be called and when I try and hang up, they talk over me and insist on pushing their services. They themselves have told me They can't work with me because my SO isn't present. And I was told by the rep that did come out initially that they didn't provide the services we were looking for! Stay away fromPHW. They do not know how to conduct business professionally.

We were able to get out of our contract! It took 2 months to get our deposit back, but we got out! What a nightmare dealing with this place. They don't return your calls, they ignore your emails, and they never send your check or call you back when you finally do get a hold of them. Yes, I've said all if this to their face! I don't hide behind yelp reviews. BEWARE. STAY AWAY.

Great company Steady growth every year,great products and installation. Would recommend them to family and friends.

MINUS 5 STARS IS THE TRUE RATING! WARNING! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Pacific Homeworks in San Diego Ca. Possibly the worst run contractor based company EVER! The management MATT E. and job boss ERIC B. are a total joke and waste of good manpower. The job boss ERIC B. will look you in the eye and flat out lie to you. the management MATT E. will do a walk around inspection with you months later and much poor work later, will shake your hand, sign the revised pick list of items to fix, repair, or just finish with you, then when his employees come out to work on those items, they only do the easy touch-up items and wind up for whatever reason pounded 28 roofing nails thru the top shingles. The employees will trespass into your yard when they were specifically told not to work on my house until I spoke to the job boss ERIC B. but management MATT E. told workers to go into yard anyways, do not show up on time, do inferior/subpar work, painted the garage door the wrong color, lie about work that is done and text the job boss ERIC B. that work has been completed while the absent job boss ERIC B. sends you a text stating work has been done. This company is all about shoddy work and I fully believe they are hiring unqualified workers whose work is NOT at the contractor level based on the end result of my own 3 month ordeal with all of the lies and the very poor level of work. Having read the other negative comments regarding this company, I can only suggest to also complain to the state contractors licensing board. They need to be investigated and have their records looked into. I personally am filing a complaint with the state contractors licensing board, one with the city attorney's elder abuse office and I will be talking to the VFW. Please investigate into this company prior to any thought of using them. Pacific Homeworks is A VERY VERY BAD COMPANY.