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Review Essays On Moviestarplanet

Application Process

How to apply for MSP

Step 1: Apply for admission to The Ohio State University by November 1. Note that the application and all required materials (application fee, test scores, transcripts, etc.) are due by that deadline. for more information. 

  • We highly recommend that you submit the application and all required application materials by November 1.

Step 2: On the application check the appropriate box that indicates your interest in being considered for the Morrill Scholarship Program and then complete the essay prompt.

Step 3: Be sure to include leadership and diversity involvement on the activity list. 

Essay Review Process

The Morrill Scholarship Program scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to students admitted to the Columbus campus for autumn semester 2018.

On the application, if you checked “YES” indicating your interest for the Morrill Scholarship Program and you provided an essay response to the question, your application is forwarded to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion after the admissions decision is complete.

Essays are evaluated and recommended for awarding by a committee of staff and faculty.

Scholarship offers will be sent to students by email. The details of the award will be included in the email.

A formal letter will be sent via the U.S. Postal Service, for your records.

Your scholarship is considered accepted once your Undergraduate Acceptance Fee is received. 

If you have questions about submitting your acceptance fee, contact Undergraduate Admissions via telephone (614-292-3980) and/or e-mail (

Distinction Review Process

The Distinction Scholarship is MSP's premier scholarship and is the equivalent of the cost of attendance. Students selected to interview for this scholarship will receive email notification. 

This fantasy website zeroes in on tweens' most basic fears and desires in a carefully crafted virtual world of movies, magazines, fashion, pets, and dating -- but, more than anything else, social status. Wanna know what teenagers want? Easy rewards and expensive privileges mixed with a desire to be liked by strangers. Truly, it's hard not to feel intimidated in user pumpchkin's party room (level 86 fame). Despite prodigious rules and assurances about safety, kids ask each other out in chat spaces where girls can choose provocative outfits (no surprise there), YouTube is fully integrated, and everyone is supposed to be finding an image for a frame on their profile page with a big pink heart next to it. Avatars are 90 percent girls, and guys tend to have suggestive usernames such as HOT LIPS LOVE. For those not quite ready for collecting BFFs and loves, Boonie and Bonster pets offer some safety.

At one end, MovieStarPlanet is as innocent as a poll asking about the best thing about swimming pools, while at the other it's truly mystifying and somewhat disturbing. The stated minimum age of 8 is decidedly too young for full access to this clearly popular site. For example, nearly half of all chats and posts are obscured with hash marks or asterisks because of language issues. Load times can be super sluggish, and games are often weighed down by ads or are just plain age-inappropriate. Finally, the moviemaking zone is a huge lost opportunity for actual learning and collaboration; kids are encouraged with weekly thematic moviemaking challenges for temporary VIP status, but results are stilted and tight. MovieStarPlanet may seem like meaningless fun, but the content and privacy issues raise way too many red flags for even savvy Internet users.